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Vol.96April 24, 2014 [PDF/134.9 KB]
Order for Kirizumi dam-body and weather observation equipment renewals
Volcano observation equipment was installed
Long-period ground motion observation equipment were installed
Vol.95Mar 27, 2014 [PDF/134.4 KB]
An Initial Order from the Philippines for Seismometer and Tidal Gauge!
Delivered Control Tower System for Emergency (EVA-05B) to Osaka International Airport!
Meisei Electric at Space Science and Technology Seminar of Kanazawa University !
Vol.94Feb 27, 2014 [PDF/144.3 KB]
Meisei Electric Received an Award from JAXA !
Meisei Electric Participated in the 94th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting !
New Aeronautical Weather Observation Equipment now Put into Operation at JASDF Miho Air Base !
Vol.93Jan 30, 2014 [PDF/137.3 KB]
“POTEKA” Successful Results Presentation at the Society of Atmospheric Electricity of Japan !
HYVIS Successfully Observed Inside of Cumulonimbus Clouds, “Genesis of Typhoon” in Palau
New Solid-Fuel Rocket “Epsilon” Received Nikkei Excellent Products & Services Award for 2013 !