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MDSS : Dropsonde Receiving System

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This system is an upper-air meteorological observation instrument which measures a vertical profile of upper-air atmosphere using a dropsonde. Dropsonde will be dropped from the aircraft and will transmit temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and GPS information on the carrier wave of the 400 MHz meteorological band. This system is installed in the aircraft, receives and demodulates this carrier wave, and visually displays transmission data.
MEISEI's dropsonde (iMDS-17) is lighter than the previous dropsonde that measurement can be performed without parachute. This dropsonde also can be dropped from the shooter on the air craft since a parachute is no longer needed.
As of 2017, in Japan, Gulfstream - II (G - Ⅱ) operated by Diamond Air Service (DAS) is equipped with the drop sonde receiving system and is contributing to typhoon observation.


  • It can receive 4 systems up to 2 ch × 2 systems.
  • (The image picture is a 2 ch × 1 line system.)
  • Lighter dropsonde (iMDS - 17) can observe without using a parachute. The risk of observation failure due to deployment of parachute has been minimized.
  • Soundness of sensors can be confirmed using sonde storage box before observation.
  • Preparation of dropsonde observation software takes only 5 minutes. Dropsonde data can be confirmed from observation preparation until the end of observation.
  • This system can create WMO messages. Output files of this dropsonde are 1-second resolution CSV file and TEMP DROP (FM 37) file.